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Our team prepares and executes both digital and offline marketing campaigns throughout the country.
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Digital Marketing:

We work with just a small number of clients for digital marketing by application only
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We are a national media company with offices in California and Florida. We originally started in 2006 with a strong focus in Radio and TV procurement. We now offer nationwide offline and online end to end solutions for our clients.

Digital Marketing:

We found that working with a small number of vertically focused clients serves both us and the end client the best. We focus on inexpensive and conservative digital marketing strategies that prove profitable long after we have left. With a strong emphasis in organic traffic by our team of content writers, our team at CMS transforms your website to an evergreen property that will continue to drive organic traffic for years and years. SEO is our backbone and we fill out your digital marketing strategy portfolio with PPC, Social, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing and Video.

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For Digital Marketing, we only work with one client in a vertical in one market so our marketing efforts don’t compete with others in your market. Our methodology is centered around search engine optimization and we’re looking to out perform everyone else in the market. If we were to bring on 2 clients in the same vertical, we would be competing with ourselves.

Offline Marketing:

Our founders originally started CMS by procuring remnant, inexpensive radio spots, TV ads and Billboards. We purchase this media through a variety of techniques but our key focus is bottom line cost. We found that buying specifically radio and tv at below market costs will ultimately decrease cost per acquisition.

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